Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday Service

On Sunday, 25 September we held our Harvest Thanksgiving service. The congregation generously donated food which has been taken to the Blythswood Highland Food Bank. We are grateful for all these donations, for all God has done for us, and for the lovely arrangements created for the occasion by Judy Thomas, Cecilia Miller and Isobel Murray.

Church bell rung 70 times

On Friday, 9 Sept., the church bell was rung 70 times at noon, to commemorate each year of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. All church business meetings are suspended this week during the official ten days of mourning. Her Majesty was an example to us all, especially because of her outspoken Christian faith.

New disabled access ramp at St Andrews Church

Our new disabled access ramp is finally complete and already in use! We prayed for this every week for twelve years and God blessed our persistence. This also fulfills the request of local people who had petitioned for it for years to enable those with poor mobility to attend church and funeral services of friends and family.